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Delilah Day

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starring: Delilah Day
video length: 33 minutes, 27 sec
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Delilah kissed her husband Marcelo goodbye as he was leaving for work. Right after Marcelo left, Delilah had Jovan hiding behind the couch naked. When Jovan saw that the coast was clear he popped out from hiding butt naked from the couch so Delilah could suck his dick. As Jovan was getting his dick sucked Marcelo came back inside the house because he forgot his phone. He walked in quietly and enjoyed what he saw his wife getting up to. Delilah and her husband Marcelo were chatting about bringing someone into
the bedroom,to join them for their sexy time but didn’t expect it to be today when he was gone. Delilah saw Marcelo and yelled at him and told him to sit and watch as she sucked and fucked Jovan. Delilah had several orgasams as her husband watched. Then after she took Jovans load to the face and mouth she spit it into Marcelo's mouth and made him lick it all up.
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