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starring: Ginger Grey
video length: 33 minutes, 16 sec
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Dick Chibbles had his old war buddy LT “Slim Poke" coming into town after his tour. Dick felt that he owed Slim his life for saving his ass over-seas. Dick prior to Slim coming around got the idea to give his step daughter to Slim as payment for what Slim did for him back in the day when they were in combat together. Dick negotiated with his step daughter Ginger three car payments to sexually please Slim when he came over for the weekend. Ginger was totally down for this. When
Slim came over he and Dick chatted a bit about the past; Dick was thankful for everything that was done for him by Slim. Dick walked Slim into the guest room and dropped his jaw when Ginger was in bed waiting for him. Dick offered his step daughter to him as payment for what slim did for him back in the day. Slim walks in and fucked Ginger twenty ways from Sunday and then creampied her.
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